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CRYOALFA devices - the perfect cryosurgical instruments for the treatment of the most skin indications with N2O (precise destruction). Reproducible treatment results by constante operating temperature about -89°C / – 128 °F by application of the liquid N2O gas phase (patented) and freezing speed about 100K/min.

CRYOALFA. 16 g Cartridge for Cryoalfa SUPER
Kārtridžs 16 grami ar medicīniskās kvalitātes sterilu šķidru N20 gāzi ar vārstu un 5μ filtru, kas pa..
CRYOALFA. Super Device
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Nav noliktavā
CRYOALFA Super ierīceIdeāls krio (ķirurģisks) instruments dažādu ādas slimību ārstēšanai ar N2O. Atk..